30 Nov 2013

Consistently Incompetent

Justice Joseph Tam is nothing if not consistently incompetent.

In the matter of Monica Jane Ramnarine (Appellant) v Chandra Bose Ramnarine (Respondent) (Trinidad & Tobago), Justice Tam took almost 6 years total (4 years for oral judgment and another 1 year and 10 months to give the written judgment).

In the matter of Vishnu RamdathCourt records showed Ramdath’s appeal was only heard in 2011  because High Court judge Joseph Tam  initially gave an oral judgment in 2005 and only provided written reasons six years later.

Mainly due to Tam’s delays/incompetence, the Privy Council had cause to ‘tap up’ the judicial system on the Rock in the case of Monica Jane Ramnarine v Chandra Bose Ramnarine. Perhaps it is time Tam is retired.