2 Nov 2013

Prohibited entry

Kevin Baldeosingh has written another cracking, thought-stimulating article in the TT Express Editorial 2013-11-01. This leads defectivesme to understand that, other than persons who are citizens the banana republic of Trinidad & Tobago, the following classes of people are prohibited from entry under Section 8 of Immigration Act of 1974 (amended) to the said banana republic - excerpted from of the Act and not intended to misconstrue the full meaning and purpose of the Act. [Emphasis added by me]:

(a) persons who are idiots, imbeciles, feebleminded persons, persons suffering from dementia and insane persons, and who are likely to be a charge on public funds;
(b) persons afflicted with any infectious or dangerous infectious disease;
(c) persons who are dumb, blind or otherwise physically defective, or physically handicapped, which might endanger their ability to earn a livelihood, or render them likely to become charges on public funds;
(d) persons who have been convicted of or admit having committed any crime, which if committed in Trinidad and Tobago would be punishable with imprisonment for one or more years;
(e) prostitutes, homosexuals or persons living on the earnings of prostitutes or homosexuals, or persons reasonably suspected as coming to Trinidad and Tobago for these or any other immoral purposes;
(f) persons who are reasonably suspected of attempting to bring into Trinidad and Tobago or of procuring prostitutes or other persons for the purpose of prostitution or homosexual or other immoral purposes;
(g) habitual beggars or vagrants;
(h) persons who are likely to become charges on public funds;
(i) persons who are chronic alcoholics;
(j) persons who are addicted to the use of any drug;
(k) persons who are engaged or at any time have been engaged or are suspected on reasonable grounds of being likely to engage in any unlawful giving, using,
inducing other persons to use, distributing, selling, offering or exposing for
sale, buying, trading or trafficking in any drug
; ……….
(n) persons, not included in any other prohibited class, who are certified by a medical officer as being mentally or physically abnormal to such a degree as to impair seriously their ability to earn a living;…………..

Well, Kevin gives his reasons for the Act to be amended further and en passant taps up Prof Teelucksingh – local high-flyer.

The Captain has responded to Kevin as follows:

“Ayye Kev, maybe yuh should be a bit more circumspect. :) ;)
When you t'ink about ".... idiots, imbeciles, feebleminded persons, dements and insane persons; infected with dangerous diseases; dumb, blind or otherwise physically defective, or physically handicapped, criminals or those intent on committing crime; prostitutes, homosexuals or persons living on the earnings of prostitutes or homosexuals; habitual beggars or vagrants; chronic alcoholics; drug addicts and traffickers.. and people who draw on public funds etc. - don't you t'ink dee country overflowing a'ready wid deese people, largely products of the very soil in which they were born and bred?
Ah mean, deese locally produced miscreants collectively impact heavily on the Nation's health, security and the public purse. Ah doh t'ink dey could take much more from abroad, boy.
So as a fella who would embrace utilitarianism (in part, or at times), I'm sure you can see some value in the Act as worded? Doh add tuh dee ppl problem nuh. Eh boy? Talk nuh. LOL.”

..and to another comment as follows:

“For the benefit or all - your (historical) English Colonial Masters - had embedded what is oft referred to as Human Rights in your Constitution.
The English fought hard to contribute to and create the European Convention of Human Rights in the years leading up to allyuh premature Independence. They were wise to embed almost the very same principles in your Constitution. Sadly they could not have foreseen that it would take 50-odd years for a Nation to wake up on that! 'Twas therefore like pearl before swine!
So - it's not just 'Human Rights', it's your Constitutional Rights. Citizens need look no further in the first instance than their Constitution (readily accessible online).
Only where your Constitution is in need of assistance, should International Treaty or Convention be reached for.
The said Immigration Act is a pack of nonsense because I'm sure that on several counts it would be incompatible with the purposive interpretation of the Constitution or International Conventions on Human Rights. But keep in mind that your fav Rock has been drifting away from 'Human Rights' for some time. Does anybody remember when T&T tore up their agreement with the IACHR? Allyuh fellas have weak-brains or what? Notwithstanding, the Constitution stands strong.
The Immigration Act as worded is sure evidence that a premature Independence and poor attention to development of the law, has left your Rock 'frozen in time' - right where the Colonial Masters lef' allyuh. The wording of that act is that which you would find in archaic English law - which the English themselves had the mental fortitude to throw out donkeys years ago.”