7 Nov 2013

The more things change…

There is never a dull moment in TnT. Really. Some kind of ‘commess’ always flaring up.

Take this last local election where the Peoples’ Partnership (aka UNC) get a severe cutarse, and then claimed victory ‘for holding on to its base’. not only is the UNC dumb as 1000 donkeys, it also buries its head in the dirt… not the metaphorical dirt it tried to sling on its political competitors.

Then, I noticed a story about a car crash Ian Alleyne was involved in. Except the story isn’t what was originally published… it seems the power of the State reached out with an iron fist and snatched all the newspapers simultaneously by the balls… and squeezed not so gently.

Former UNC St Joseph candidate Ian Alleyne has been reportedly involved in a car accident in Port-of-Spain. According to reports two Government Ministers were also in the vehicle with Alleyne at the time of the incident.

According to CNC3 News the accident occurred on Stone Street in the vicinity of the Victoria Square around midnight.

Details remain limited at this time but it is reported that the vehicle in which Alleyne and the other 2 occupants were in overturned.

It is said that another vehicle was also involved.

Reports state that when Police arrived on the scene Alleyne was given a breathalyser test which he reportedly failed.

Never a dull day, oui.