20 Jan 2014

Jumbie’s First Law strikes Gary Griffith

Jumbie’s First Law: When you think dotishness cannot get worse, someone will come along to prove it can.

Today’s title contender for the belt of most stupid liar has to be Gary Griffith.

Griffith spun an elaborate explanation, taking credit for drug busts by foreign security agencies. According to him, the busts were due to better collaboration between T&T law enforcement agencies and their counterparts in the United Kingdom, France and the United States.

In contrast to the minister’s broad hinting of a role by T&T security agencies without quite specifying, US Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director Mark J Laria praised his officers for finding the drugs on their own, without the help of any informant.

According to him, “This was a cold hit. There was no specific intelligence.”

Now, you’d wonder why, in this day and age of rapid information disbursement and verification, why someone like Griffith (or Moonilal, or Kamla, or Dookeran et al) would bother to lie. I can only assume that they think the typical Rock Crawler is a functional fool. Chances are they may well be right too, sad to say.

In any event, one has to wonder what ‘explanation’ will come next when he is confronted with his dotishness. I await the fun.