7 Jan 2014

Keep calm and listen to Gary.

Well, I’ve not been moved sufficiently to write anything on Rock issues for a while. To be honest I just got fed up, not just of seeing what’s going on or not. I see loads of Rock-related bloggers taking issue with various situations and I have to wonder, “Is it enough that their writings make a difference to just one person?”. After all, I was of a belief that if I helped just nw6176one person, that was enough. Of late I’m thinking differently. Enough about me.

Gary says (according to TT Express 2014-01-06], “If you are not involved in criminal activities, however, then you have no need to fear about crime in this country.” [Just to be clear, we’re talking about Trinidad & Tobago  - the place I refer to as ‘the Rock’, and denizens associated with – especially in mentality - as ‘Rock-crawlers’.] Apparently he’s basing such advice on a statement (seemingly paraphrased by TT Express), ‘..majority of murders committed in this country for 2013 was criminals killing criminals it was hard for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to protect them.

He went on to marshal his facts, “So what I am saying is, I am not making this up, this is not perception, the fact is that 244 of the 405 persons, the reports we have from the police, is that these persons were involved in serious criminal activitiesIt is very difficult for any government, for any law enforcement agency to protect people who are not interested to protect themselves….If you are involved in a heavy life of crime, if you are involved in trying to kill other people, if you are involved in drugs it is very difficult for the police to try to protect you,” he said.

Griffith reportedly said that, ‘.. for law-abiding citizens serious crime has reduced by 43 per cent’.

Gary went on to say, “One thing to cause this situation to stop even faster is trying to get the 1.3 million law-abiding citizens to bring the gang leaders to justice.” Oho! Ah now see dee light! What Gary trying to tell me is that after donkey’s years of neglect of the nation’s borders, of successive regimes being unable to cope with drugs and guns entering the country, the government of the present day needs to rely heavily on it’s citizens to stop a substantial proportion of the serious crime situation.  Look, what dam nonsense is this!! Gary is saying nothing new – the country’s citizens were always obliged to be involved in general crime reduction measures. Dealing with the sources of drugs and guns, and the formation of gangs is the prime and specific responsibility of Government related law enforcement agencies.

And now Gary goes on to talk as if he’s on a school playground, “Once we get these main individuals, the rest of the gangs will dismantle. If the gangs dismantle you are talking about over 200 less murders per annum.” Boy, this really reminds me of when we were kids – playing stick ‘em up – at recess time. Well – in a sense I can’t blame Gary. If you’re speaking to gum-bumping stupid people aplenty, you have to speak stuff they will believe. Isn’t that the business of politics? To control minds? Well, Gary is doing a good job in that respect.

The upper 10% of the population – who are gifted by Gord  with superior intellect - will of course know that Gary appears to avoid demonstration of any real intelligence. Yes – I know – you know - I’m being arrogant at this stage.

The level of thinking demonstrated by Gary is typical of small island banana republic. Why? Gary is not taking the situation in the context of root causes of the crime problem. Idiots (not in that 10%) are expected to think, “Well isn’t drugs, guns and gangs root causes?”.  He’s doing the job of politicking which is to keep the people calm. Am I going to tell you – or Gary – what should be his strategy and what he should be saying? No! You see you didn’t elect me into power – and I’m not responsible for your country’s crime situation.

So what’s next? Keep ducking and diving, from bullets and stray penises but less swiftly – happy in the belief given to you by your fav politician that once you are not involved in any serious crime, that said bullets or stray penises will swerve well away from you!