31 Mar 2014

Ah Deputy Essential

As Penguin (calypsonian) said, “Ah deputy essential”… and Chandresh Sharma is the latest MP/politician whose transgressions have been aired out in the open.

Sharma, married and father of 4 with his legal wife, had an extra-marital affair with one Sacha Singh, a Piarco business-woman who coincidently, was an ex-Miss Trinidad and Tobago contestant.

What appears to be yet a third extra-marital affair, with another woman and which resulted in a 12 years old child, was discovered by Ms Singh. When confronted with the ‘evidence’, Sharma went a little ballistic, as he is wont to do… (remember those car accidents where he slapped the other party?).

Ms Singh rightly made a report to the police.

But the point I want to make is this… is Sharma supporting his ‘outside’ child, or is he, like one former actor/MP, relying on the State to provide ‘Public Assistance’ for the object of his indiscretion? Is this ‘Good Brahmin Boy’ spending quality time and providing the love and attention his child needs?

On the other hand, ah have to ask Sacha Singh, what the hell she saw in Sharma? Not only is he ugly on the outside, the inside seem rotten to the core. He is also nearly twice her age, although he looks a hell of a lot older than the 54 he actually is.

It seems Jumbie’s First Law strikes again.