27 Apr 2014

Wordpress: NuCaptcha blocks spammers

Wordpress driven sites commonly suffer from spammers and spam registrations. If some don’t know what that means, it is about registrations, content and comments that are useless and aim to cause chaos and disruption.

Spam content is nothing new. But NuCaptcha has created a system that is pretty new.


The photo left – next to ‘Human Verification’ is a snapshot of a short movie of a about 3 seconds, which is extremely difficult for ‘robot’ spammers to get through.

Most spam content is not done directly by individual human sitting there typing in stuff. If you thought so, you need to catch up – before the world leaves you too far behind. This junk is created by humans directing spam software and computers to do their dirty work.

For WordPress bloggers out there I’d like to recommend NuCaptcha, which uniquely sets up the anti-spam verification at the account set up stage.