7 Jun 2014

Profoundly Sickeningly Wrong

Cottle report-1028There seems to be something profoundly sickeningly wrong with the Attorney General. How else would you describe it when the man seeks a photo opportunity on the occasion of receiving a report on the death of a baby (during a C-Section) and is all smiles and poses for the camera? Does he have no empathy for the loss of the little life, or the grief of the parents? Does the handing over of such a report warrant the pomp and fanfare that was given to it?

Compounded to this debacle, he further instructed that they, the parents, be turned away from the occasion of the report handover, to further exacerbate the callous and contemptuous disregard in which he and by extension, the State holds them. His excuse that they “They (Cottle’s family) are deliberately not here for the simple reason that I have no doubt that from what I have read in the newspapers they would have in their contemplation legal proceedings against the State in this matter and in those circumstances the State will not be in a position as a matter of law to put itself in a position where it creates a conflict of interest that could work to the detriment of both the parents and the State,” is that much hogwash, it makes pigs look clean. If no one else, don’t the Cottles deserve to know what happened to their child?

The AG is a symptom, and a cause, of what is wrong in Trinidadian society. Will he ever learn? Will the society ever learn to pick its leaders with more wisdom? I highly doubt it.