22 Jul 2014

Captain on the Rock

The Captain has been on the Rock for some time carrying out investigations and of course trying his best to enjoy some of the sea and sand etc.

I'm sending this brief update from the Rock.

In tight summary at this stage it appears (in broad brush) that there has been rapid expansion in structural development of buildings,  communication, transport (physical and tangible things etc). However my honest perception is that mentality in the broadest senses, has worsened. The country is in a mess far more than I could have expected since my last visit 12 years ago.

Quite unusually there have been three murders (out of 4 for the year so far) in the few days the Cap has been in Tobago (the smaller quieter sister isle). The murder rate in Trinidad continues to escalate on its own ridiculous path. The natives have given up in large numbers. A sizeable proportion have buried their heads in hyper-religious devotion, perhaps hoping (or knowing) that Gord will save them or their country.

This is only a preliminary note. You can bet much more is to come out of some 2000 photo and video clips, and my personal notes.