1 Aug 2014

Jumbie's Third Law... Part 1

After reading Anil Roberts' resignation letter,  I've come to the conclusion that:

Dotishness has no social barrier.

That may be cited as Jumbie's Third Law.
Bear in mind that dotishness encompasses ignorance of fact but also lack of logical processing of any and all recognised facts.

Take Anil's take (pun intended) :

"Having done absolutely no wrong whatsoever, having not been mentioned not even once in a flawed Central Audit Report... "

Yes Anil... Perhaps because it IS flawed that you aren't mentioned.  But the responsibility,  not to mention the idea,  was yours.  Tell me,  where and how did you (and your Cabinet colleagues) thought it was a good idea to pay  criminals to play? What was the reasoning behind that? In no other country in the world,  even in those riddled with corruption and despotic rulers,  was such an idea ever promulgated. I mean Anil,  you took 'banana republic'  to a whole new level,  and it wasn't pointing up,  if you know what I mean.

I mean man Anil,  they didn't even have to work... You bribed them with a measly $1500 TT per month to not commit crimes,  and you didn't realise them fellas earn that in a day? You didn't realise that mamaguy was not your doing but from day one was them fellas mamaguying you? How much more stupid you and Kamla and 'Moonilogan' et al could get?

But let's continue:

... "for the Westminster system posits that a Ministers resignation is unwarranted when departments under his portfolio over which he exerts no direct control nor Ministerial authority operate ultra vires to good cooperate governance practices."

Boy Anil,  all I could say to this is that,  like Moonilogan et al,  you don't understand the Westminster system. It's just another word out of your collective mouth to try to bamboozle the public into thinking allyuh know what allyuh doing,  when the reality is,  allyuh becoming more exposed day by day for ignorance and stupidity.

But talking about Moonilogan et al, I realise they, the media and possibly the majority of the public,  missed the whammy you dropped...

I mean,  your leader and supposedly Senior Counsel,  missed the obvious:

" I write to you today with a heavy heart to inform you of my desire to resign as Minister of Sport and as Member of Parliament for D’Abadie/ O’Meara with immediate effect, based on the inexplicable public furore that continued unabated based on misinformation in the public domain."

Yeah,  everybody missed that you also resigned as MP,  thus triggering a bye-election soon.  Unless you are playing smart with foolishness and hoping that by inserting the words "my desire",  you were hoping that the SC was so advised that it meant she doesn't have to accept it.

Anil boy,  you does talk to we like if we (the public) is yuh real partners,  your own dharubhai (Ah sure Kamla and Moonilogan could explain that to you),  so ah hope you eh mind if I relate to you in the same way.

You have the mind and mouth of ah over excited child in ah big man body. Ah mean man,  is obvious you still eh able to accept the wrong doings in Life Sport and your responsibility.

Part 2 coming...