8 Aug 2014

Remember the old time daze?

Allyuh remember when the AG,  SC was touted as ah bright fella?  I remember... Was only about 5 or 6 years ago... He was mashing up constitutional law at the Privy Council,  winning cases left and right for public servants who were discriminated against by the government of the day... PM Manning came in for licks like a galley slave trying to strike.

Was blows to de head,  to the body... hell,  even to the gonads,  as the 'rising star' throw calpet after calpet.

Solidly in his corner was Sir Fenton Ramsahoye... And they made a formidable team at the time.

So enthused were the public that they accepted the AG as a legal 'luminary' and he was even given a column in a national newspaper to air his opinions.

Unlike John Q Public,  I often found errors of reasoning in his column. He often did not make sense.

As AG,  without the partnership of Sir Fenton,  the errors of reasoning,  and law,  are rising exponentially. In other words,  the AG SC is revealing himself to be a bit on the dunce side.

Granted,  every man is allowed to be a fool... But not when holding public office and definitely not the second 'highest' (the AG is the second office holder to be appointed in government).

Lack of reasoning skills is one thing,  but to publicly come into arguments with your own 'allies'  and employees shows that you both disrespect their contribution to putting you into government, and you're shameless about whether or not people notice your stupidity.

Take the latest argument the AG SC is involved in,  with former member of the Constitution Reform Commission Dr Merle Hodge. The AG is on the rocks as Dr Hodge deals blows after blows. His stupidity is evident and his utterances are typically fallacious as Trinis are won't to be when trying to present arguments. 

Dr Hodge pointed out that a run off provision in the new Constitution Reform  Bill was never part of the public consultation (and is now being snuck in at Parliament level,  a la Section 34)... To which the AG responds that she was 'handsomely paid'. 

Okay,  anyone see the flaw in that argument?

But as Jumbie's Third Law says,  "Dotishness has no social barrier."

Apparently it has no legal barrier either.