3 Aug 2014

Resign Madam PM, now!

Like all - or almost all - Trinis, I had hoped that once we got rid of the megalomaniac ambitions of Patrick Manning, that the country would return to an even keel... That the wild spending we saw with him would be curbed and sanity return to the contracts handed out to the friends and family of the 'leaders'.

Instead, the truth of the statement "Indians are their own worst enemies" once more bore ample fruit.

In moves mimicking Panday,  KPB and company took the time and opportunity to make Ish and Steve look like choirboys.
Now,  I recall calling for the resignation of the PM several times before.  This time,  I'm calling for her resignation because she clearly stated,  on more than one occasion,  that "the buck stops with me".

Get that clear. She had accepted that the final responsibility for the actions of her government personnel was hers and hers alone.

Given that there were scandals in nearly every sector of government,  little wonder I expect her to once more ignore her own words and abdicate her responsibilities.

From belated responses to crises of State to ignoring corruption under the guise of 'waiting to be advised' the PM and Moonilogan (a surplus of lawyers!) et al have made a mockery of the very Westminster system they have repeatedly espoused.

For stupidity alone,  she should be sacked by Carmona.