27 Sept 2014

Political Cowardice

Yesterday,  the headlines resounded with the Prime Minister's political cowardice in the face of giving the LGBT community 'equal rights'.

The 'senior counsel' is of the view that to give LGBT persons equal rights will require a 'referendum',  and that such action right now is not' prudent'.

Obviously,  with elections due next year,  the PM is wary of her political survival,  and is unwilling to tackle any contentious issue,  including this one.

But,  as a 'senior counsel',  the PM ought to be aware that the laws against the LGBT community are illegal.  Not might be,  but actually are.  Given that the Constitution is granting equal rights to all,  those laws that ban homosexuality etc are ultra vires...  Outside of the Constitution.

Oddly enough,  these laws have not been challenged by the LGBT community in court... I'm inclined to the notion that if these are challenged at the Privy Council,  they will be declared incompatible with the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.