29 Sept 2014

Yet another duncey homicide!

Once more, a police duncey has committed a homicide upon an innocent bystander.

While escorting the man through the crowd, he escaped, causing the officer to pull out his firearm and open fire on the man. The officer missed his target and instead shot Mohammed, they claimed.

The duncey version, of course, is different.

Inspector Henry Dan, who confirmed reports that about 5.30 am yesterday, a uniformed officer on duty at the party observed a group of men smoking marijuana.

“The officer seized the marijuana and was speaking to the group when one of the men grabbed his firearm. A struggle ensued during which one shot was discharged. The man, who is unknown to police, managed to escape after that.” Dan said it was at this point that the policeman “asked if anyone was injured and persons directed him to a man on ground. He (Mohammed) had been shot in the neck. Officers took him to Port-of-Spain General Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival sometime before 6 am.”

Knowing the penchant of police for resorting to firearms under any circumstances, I know that the police version sounds most unlikely to me. It’s just ‘spin’ to clear the duncey of a charge, but once more, looking at the bigger picture, a life is lost in vain.

Lemme call some names... Shazard Mohammed, Sheldon Des Vignes, Tota-Maharaj, Joel Charles, Simon Khan, Mustapha 'Taliban' Edwards, Hansraj Harripersad and the list goes on... and on... and on... Allyuh see the pattern?

Now, there will be no charge against this duncey, even though he was quick to pull a gun and shoot under cicumstances where, in the civilised world, no such action would be taken. But as Martin Daly said previously:

I always thought that from time immemorial, at least since democracy bridled the power of kings, emperors and fathers of nations, the assessment of evidence of witnesses is the function of the Courts where witnesses are seen and heard and tested by cross-examination in an open manner in contrast to a presentation on paper assessed in the clandestine cloisters of legal chambers.

It is also my recollection that this might not be the first time that a member of the protective services has benefited from intervention before due process could take its full course and I am wondering whether we truly do have categories of persons... ...who qualify for favourable treatment by secret processes outside of the courts.

For 2014, in 9 months, the police killed:

1) Janus Alphonso, 28, on January 10
2) Walcott Ali, 51, January 11
3) Nicholas Sylvester, 19, January 20
4) Kevon Charles, 26, January 31
5) Akeem Price, 22, February 4
6) Anthony Hepurn, 29, February 11
7) Junior Noel, 31, Feburay 14
8) Anderson Deo, 22, February 14
9) Jeremy Innis, 19, March 10
10)  Adrian Charles, 24, March 18
11)  Satrohan Ramhanie, 22,
12)  Anthony Hospedales, 18, March 26
13)  Jerome Clunis, 23,
14)  Gilbert Browne, 25, March 27
15)  Naim Dean, 21, April 11
16)  Roy Thomas, 29, May 1
17)  Chandrabhose Samaroo, 32, May 5
18)  Anthony Amogan, 43, May 9
19)  Antonio  Swan, 21, May 13
20)  Nigel Long, 35, May 13
21)  Dillon Mason, 20, May 21
22)  Jerome Cross, 27, May 22
23)  Joel Apparicio, 31, May 22
24)  Chaquille McCoy, 21, June 5
25) Hakeem Alexander, 16, June 9
26) Tevin Alexander, 15, June 9
27) Christian Ashby, June 19
28) Abba Diaz, 25, June 19
29) Kishawn Daniel, 19, June 21
30) Kareem Stuart, August 13
31) Keron Guy, August 13
32) David Baker, 28, August 17
33) Rubin Richens, 23, August 17
34) Kareem Edwards, 19, August 17
35) Ricardo Mohammed, 17, September 28

Approximately 4 persons per month!

Not for the first time, I am asking for dunceys to be disarmed and a special SWAT team put in place to act when criminals are armed. The average duncey appear not to have the psychological capability to carry a weapon, nor the intelligence to know when to use it.