30 Oct 2014

Things I find unbelievable

Cocaine removed from intestine handed back to patient

A patient who swallowed around 20 packets of cocaine, found himself having problems and had to resort to surgery to have them removed. The surgeon who removed them handed them back to the patient, transferred him from the private institution to Mt Hope Medical Sciences Complex where he spent around 10 days.

Despite months of ‘extensive investigations’ no charge has been made, the most senior duncey saying there is not enough evidence to prosecute, as per advice from Deputy DPP.

Of course, after months of delay, I don’t expect there would be… or that anything would have come from this. Incidentally, nothing will come from the investigation into the death of Dana Seetahal… why? Well, for one thing, dunceys can’t catch cascadoo in a bucket….

President Carmona’s help sought in Kublalsingh matter

A group of young people, calling themselves Project 40, is optimistic that President Anthony Carmona’s acknowledgment of a letter to him seeking his intervention in the ongoing hunger strike by Highway Re-route Movement (HRM) leader Dr Wayne Kublalsingh shows that “a positive outcome can still be achieved.”

Ah hate tuh break it tuh allyuh youngsters… de Prez busy defending the dishonour to he office brought about by he wife that was drawn to the attention of the public by a comedienne. Yuh see, when yuh is a old man with a young wife, yuh really have to mind yuh P’s and Q’s by she.

T&T remains at low risk for Ebola

And cock have teeth…

2,000 suspected cases of CHIKV

Yes, dey was sure dey could prevent it… or barring that, nip it in the bud. Big news brief and ting by all kinda minister and stakeholders (medical staff)…

Wait… dey saying de same ting bout de Ebola…

Yeah, maybe I is a born sceptic but over de past years, I more right than wrong…