9 Nov 2014

A Presidential Pardon

In spite of giving a country hope when he was elected, citing his now infamous line, “Powers you think I have… I do not. Powers you think I do not have… I do.”, President Carmona is proving to be a disappointment in more than one front.

From using his public office to defend the “honour” of his wife… (who in an ironic twist seemingly brought the Office of the President into disrepute by dressing inappropriately at the United Nations) and staying silent on important matters affecting the country, and now receiving a housing allowance while living in state appointed housing, President Carmona is actually making more missteps than President Max. And of course, in the latest brouhaha, everyone is protecting his/her own backside.

As senior counsel Martin Daly says, President Carmona should give the money back not only because it is illegal (contrary to the Constitution) but also because it is the right thing to do. But that and a cock’s teeth you will never see…

And of course, he will never ask pardon for bringing his office into disrepute.