30 Dec 2014

Duncey dotishness

Police dunceys at it again… bullying and terrorising the hapless public. In this case, a helpless man in a wheelchair who was apparently just released from hospital and under the influence of some type of drug.

A store employee who witnessed the incident said the man earlier that day left the San Fernando General Hospital and had a catheter and other apparatus hanging from the wheelchair.

A vendor who did not identify himself also said the man appeared to be under the influence of a drug.

I’m not surprised at the attitude of Police Cacahole Rajkumar. I will however, be extremely surprised if he is charged for assault and battery.

A prominent attorney also commented on social media: “Look, I too do not know and do not care what the guy in the wheelchair did. This is outrageous!!!! Slapping a guy in a wheelchair!! Police officers do not have the right to abuse citizens...this is assault and battery.

“Whatever he may have done (it appears that he is being accused of cursing an officer) this treatment is against the law. The officer was not defending himself and not under any perceivable threat. Who is this officer?? He should be charged!!! We need to do something about the calibre of officers that we have. This must certainly be a big part of why crime continues to be out of control.”

Frankly, I’m not up this morning to comment on what I view as typical duncey behaviour. Mentally speaking, I’m sickened, and can’t bring myself to go into a spiral of depression over the hopelessness of trying to improve duncey behaviour. Put them back in short pants, and take away the guns. Maybe they need to be treated like ‘boys’ as they so often address their victims (pay attention, you can hear Rajkumar addressing his victim thusly). I gone.