23 Dec 2014

Foot in Mouth Disease

Ever put your foot in your mouth, and instead of apologising for your gaffe and trying to extricate said foot, you manage to shove the other one in alongside the first, including leg and thigh?

I didn’t think it was possible, but here we have ACP Peter Reyes doing just that. Every time he attempts an explanation for his boorish, crass and ignoble behaviour, he just makes his position worse.

specs-hero-stripFirst, explaining that he received a new Blackberry Q10 phone (pictured) a few days before when he was promoted, he cited that its newness was the cause of him not being able to shut it off.

“However, he was unfamiliar with its features and unable to switch off the device when asked to do so. He further indicated that he asked two other passengers to assist him.”

As the Christmas carol asks, “Do you see what I see?”

I clearly see a power switch/button/key on the right side, in the frigging middle of three switches/buttons/keys. I am speculating, (but considering that it is a duncey I’m speculating about, I figure I may be more right than wrong) that the duncey was intellectually challenged to hold down the power switch/button/key to power off the phone.

“He felt targeted owed to his ethnicity and made it verbally clear that the same treatment would not have been met with a white passenger.”

In order to come to this conclusion, one must be certain that:

  • There were other passengers on the plane, black and non-black who were using their phones.
  • There would have been specifically at least one white person using his/her phone on the plane.
  • Reyes was the only black passenger so singled out, from among those who were so using their phones.
  • He could not have been the only person, black or otherwise, whose phone was being used!

On the other hand, if these conditions are not met, or Reyes was the only person whose phone rang, then he is clearly not being picked upon.

It took five estate constables to escort Reyes out of the aircraft after he was kicked off the 15-minute flight from Trinidad to Tobago.

Why 5? Was he resisting, or were they afraid to do their duty and physically move him? A little body music would have helped, surely.

Sgt Charles-Walcott determined there were “no chargeable offences” committed by Reyes and he was released to seek another flight to Tobago.

Now here comes another duncey, who doesn’t know the law.

Section 60 of the Civil Aviation Act 2001 states:

(1) A person shall not, while in an aircraft—

(a) interfere with a crew member or passenger;

(b) do any act that threatens the safety of the aircraft or of persons on board the aircraft;

(c) use abusive language or insulting words towards a crew member or passenger;

(d) intentionally interfere with the performance of duty by a crew member.

From the reports carried by the newspapers, it seems as if Reyes breached all four conditions… Although Seldon pontificated “Ignorance of the law excuses no man” it’s obvious when the dunceys are (wilfully?) ignorant of the law, it excuses their own.

Go figure.