21 Dec 2014

Jumbie’s First Law Strikes… AGAIN!!!

When stupidity rains, it really reigns.

I said before, “Every so often, another fine example of“When you think dotishness cannot get worse, someone will come along to prove it can.” pops up to verify its absoluteness.”

Take the CAL debacle with ACP Peter Reyes (any relation to Gilbert ‘Don’t arrest my son!’ Reyes?).

Peter Reyes reportedly boarded a flight to Tobago, and the plane was taxiing to the runway when his cell/mobile phone rang. He answered it, despite a warning from two flight attendants to switch it off as per flying protocols (as an aside, another example of the backward intellects of the Rock, when international policy is to put the phone in ‘flight mode’).

The short of the story is that Reyes was belligerent (“Yuh know who I is?”), as per typical Rock crawling small minded person who feel s/he’s a big fish in a small dirty puddle… not even a pond yet, mind you.

However, Reyes belligerence escalated to rage, as described by the cabin crew and his (moronic) excuse was that he could not switch off the phone and further, he was being picked upon because he was black. I have 2 things to say about that:

  1. It fits with my opinion of dunceys that they are incapable of being taught. I mean, the man don’t know how to switch off a cell phone? Come nah man!

  2. The higher these dunceys climb up the totem pole, the less they know about the rule of law… specifically that ‘no one is above the law’!

This level of dotishness, and bringing the police service into disrepute, not to mention breaching regulations (in light of global terrorism protocols too) can only mean one thing: Reyes should be sacked forthwith!!

The second incidence of dotish commentary/behaviour comes from no less a person that the Prime Minister, a potentially false designee of the SC status some time back. I found it extremely hard to believe that the PM, LLB, SC, and the leader of the State does not know the law.

Get this… she wants to ‘bring back hanging’...

I have to ask, “Dear PM, please explain to us non-LLB SC citizens, where did hanging go?”

You see, I have to ask, because as far as I’m aware, hanging is still the law in Trinidad. Appreciate that the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has not removed it. Perhaps you should go back to read The Offences Against the Person Act (1925) specifically section 4.

Parliament needs no ‘Hanging Bill’. What is needed is that the “appellate process has to be exhausted within five years in order to avoid the Pratt and Morgan principle.”

You might be asking yourself how these two incidents are related. There is a common factor, and it is that the authorities, from PM to police, prate on and on about the Rule of Law but show no understanding of the basic premises, much less the other nuances.

They constantly display behaviour that denies the equality provided under the Rule of Law, that no man is above it, in status or otherwise. “In a society governed by the rule of law, the government and its officials and agents are subject to and held accountable under the law, same as ordinary citizens.” [WJP]

The World Justice Project also states as another premise,  “Justice is delivered timely by competent, ethical, and independent representatives and neutrals who are of sufficient number, have adequate resources, and reflect the makeup of the communities they serve.“

That certainly does not fit in with the Rule of Law in Trinidad and Tobago, where delays of the judicial system is rife, along with its annual starvation for funding.

What is needed might be a big stick and flaying of backs to get the systems right.