14 Dec 2014

On the move again

Well, the Cyaptain (aka Captain Walker) is on the move again – from near London up to Carlisle, down to Wolverhampton, down to Plymouth then back up to Carlisle; all in one week. This country really big compared to a small ‘rock’. No pothole here boy! Calm dong.

I’m always amused when ‘rock-crawlers’ come over here and t’ink we go pick dem up in London Heathrow. Afta all, daize all dey know. An’ eef yuh doh pick dem up dey vex how yuh blank dem eh. Whuh yuh go do boy? Deeze ppl from a small heap so dey figure everyt’ing rong  dee corner nuh. Yuh ha’ tuh bear wid dem  eh. Winking smile Tmro alone the Cyap will be doing about 220 miles. ‘ow much is dat? Like about 3.5 times the length of your fav rock nuh.