31 Jan 2015

All fall down

Tiptoe around the circle.
Tiptoe around the circle.
Tiptoe tiptoe.
We all fall down.

The above is a verse from an old nursery rhyme. For me, it is a descriptive appreciation of the political landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.

There is, at least for me, the sense that people tiptoe around those in some position of authority. here is also the sense that everything is treated simplistically, like a child may reason. And of course, everything is collapsing around the ears of the populace.

The present situation with the House Speaker taking side to support his parliamentary colleague, the Minister of Finance is not new. Previous speakers also did it. But this speaker went too far in misleading the House of Representatives.

The AG has transgressed once more into the domain of others, resulting in a rather unique epithet, “The only AG to be investigated for criminal mischief” or words to that effect. I’ve said before that Anand Ramlogan built his reputation on the coattails of Sir Fenton Ramsahoye. Given his own pedestal, he is more of a busted bust than a robust sculpture.

The PM, unlike in a true Westminster system where the AG would be forced to step down until all investigations are completed, prefers to make shallow remarks while supporting said shaky pedestal.

The good news is that elections is just a hop away.