17 Jan 2015

Questions for miracle man.

Dr Wayne Kubalsingh has kept up a hunger strike for longer than any record known in the history of the world (well not exactly). It is a mystery how this has been achieved. His protest is against the building of a highway in Trinidad & Tobago.

Newspaper reports say that he has not consumed food and water for many weeks. However, Kubalsingh himself has never publicly asserted (to my knowledge) that he has not consumed water for weeks. The human body is normally incapable of sustaining life if totally deprived of water for about 7 days. There have been some remote exceptions but for sure no human being has survived normal environmental conditions without taking water for more than about 2 weeks. However, one person has claimed to have survived for 70 years without food or water.


Kubalsingh is soon expected to be called to court to give evidence. That will be quite interesting.

The following are suggested preliminary questions for Kubalsingh (assuming that he keeps up his hunger strike to the very end):
1. How is your health?
2. Are you fit to attend and give reliable evidence to a court? Do you have an expert medical opinion to support your fitness to give evidence?
3. When was the last time/date that you consumed nourishment (in the form of food) of any type, via the oral route.
4. Have you received nourishment into your body by any means other than by the oral route?
5. When was the last time/date you consumed water or any liquid containing water via the oral route?
6. Have you received water into your body by any means other than by the oral route since your 'hunger strike' began? If so when so?

Of course the questions (except 2 above) are relevant today as they were two weeks ago.

This ‘miracle’ could get very very interesting!! Stay tuned.