13 Feb 2015

Cold calls

Cold calls are usually marketing calls made to a person without prior appointment, in hopes of making a sale. Cold callers in the UK are aggressive and very annoying. Many companies have automated dialling that simply dials numbers and wait for someone to pick up. If the number is not active (working), it moves to another. If no one answers, it moves to another. So theoretically, a system like this can dial and contact dozens of persons in a short time. The seller then makes an aggressive sales pitch, usually bullying a person (sometimes older persons who are vulnerable) into purchasing their product. On the other hand, the other type of cold callers are persons who turn up at your door out of the blue, with a sales pitch and a hard sell approach.

Both types are very annoying, coming at inconvenient times. Think middle of a shower, dinner, coitus etc. and you get the picture why annoyance is the first reaction.

This morning, barely awake, I had one such phone call.

“Hello, this is Ms _____________ from ______________”, the caller said, “May I speak to ‘Jumbie’?”

Jumbie: “What is this about?”

Caller: “Can you confirm you are ‘Jumbie’?”

Jumbie: “This number is unlisted. How did you get this number? I don’t accept marketing calls, don’t call here any more.”

Caller: “To proceed with the call, I need you to confirm your address___”

Jumbie, rudely interrupting: “Does it sound like I want to talk to you? Were you born stupid, or did you have to learn?”

Caller quietly hangs up.