22 Feb 2015

The case of the Walking Documents – 2

In an unseen twist, the report on the investigation into the box of court documents (found at the private office of an attorney) has gone missing. Now obviously, this raises all manner of questions, some of which, if asked, might embarrass all sorts of people in all sorts of places. For example:

  1. Where was the report stored/filed?
  2. Who had access to it?
  3. Was the hard copy the only copy?
  4. If the answer to Q.3 is yes, was no photocopier available?
  5. Why was it not in electronic form to facilitate reprinting/duplication as necessary?
  6. In whose interest is it for the report to go missing?
  7. Has an investigation been started to answer Q.5?

Now, these question may not sound like police work, but they are fairly obvious ones to ask.

In yet another twist, the attorney in whose office the box was found has written to the Commissioner of Police (CoP) to ‘clarify’ “whether the “file or the report” itself has gone missing”.

“The report of a missing file in these circumstances has the potential to bring the police service into disrepute and I would be grateful if you could indicate whether the file or the report or both or none are missing. It will do much to instill [sic] confidence into the Police Service if you could confirm whether the reports in the media are true,” Ramdeen wrote.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that paragraph above. Since when does an attorney concern himself with whether or not the police service comes into disrepute? It seems to me that when these attorneys get their law degree, all common sense (critical thinking) goes out the window.

I suspect that there is a lot more to this matter than we have been exposed to and I’ll not be surprised if in future, the shit hits the fan and splatters on some high profile persons.