20 Feb 2015

The case of the walking documents

Matters involving a box of court documents belonging to the Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court appears not to have been resolved, despite Chief Justice Ivor Archie’s recent claim to that effect.

Now that Achie’s words in the public domain comes back to bite him in the arse, I keep wondering how dotish investigators and office holders appear to be. Jumbie’s First Law is an absolute.

  1. Mark Seepersad claims he was never interviewed.
  2. Asha Harripaul (judicial support officer at the time) claims she gave the files to Gerald Ramdeen.
  3. Gerald Ramdeen claims he knows nothing about the box of files at a police interview.
  4. Report submitted and hastily publicised by Ivor Archie that there was no ‘wrong doing’ by anyone.

I guess in the haste to make sure all appeared to be well, Archie never thought that the public would see through the mamaguy.