14 Feb 2015


I’m a bit astounded this morning. I know when there is wrong doing, from captain to cook – or in this case, CJ to Judicial Support Officer (JSO) – cover their arses.

In case you still haven’t gotten it, I’m referring to the situation where attorney Mark Seepersad found a box of files in his office which he shared with Gerald Ramdeen – he of the copy and paste prisoner injury cases fame.

It seems Judicial Support Officer (JSO) Ms Asha Harripaul left a box of confidential files belonging to the Registrar of the Supreme Court with Mr Ramdeen… which she does not deny.

Harripaul said: “I then took the box and asked Mr Gerald Ramdeen if he would keep the box at his office for me until I get a desk so I could put the stuff back.”

I’ve never, ever heard that it was normal or okay for an attorney to keep confidential files belonging to a Court at his private office. Any sane or honest attorney would immediate point out the unethical nature of this and refuse outright. Oddly, and I personally find this to be the more suspicious bit:

The documents found contained letters and copies of Notices of appeals with respect to two matters that were heard and determined by Justice Peter Rajkumar, correspondences and Notices in relation to Civil Appeals and correspondences in relation to the status of notes of evidence.

Other court documents found included prisoner litigation letters. All of these were lodged in the personal office of the Registrar.

Given that Gerald Ramdeen was involved in several cases where he sued the state on behalf of prisoners, and in all of said cases the statement of injuries were identical, I find it more than a little suspect that he has in his possession said files from the Supreme Court. What are the prisoner litigation letters, and judge’s notes doing in his possession? Are they related to his cases, or to the investigation currently on-going (supposedly) into the copy and paste cases? Were they tampered with? There is no way to know, is there?

I wonder if Ivor Archie will think it is okay for client files from his office to appear in the home of… let’s say Anand Ranmlogan, while Ramlogan is suing the State on behalf of those same or similar clients? Do you see the idiocy Archie is perpetrating on the public?

swallowing a toadOf course, Ramdeen merely states he “knows nothing about documents belonging to judges” and the matter is dropped. Me, I have some serious doubts, given the number of suspicious and possibly illegal situations he has found himself in. Is this a merely a ‘conspiracy theory’ of mine? Of course not. In T&T, the corrupt nature of people is the norm rather than the exception, so I can fully believe this.

Ms Asha Harripaul now conveniently has left the judicial service. The situation is not explained satisfactorily but the matter is now closed. The public is expected to swallow a toad without choking. And life goes on…