29 Mar 2015

9 days distraction

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking that the brouhaha created by the ravings of Vernella Toppin-Alleyne in Parliament has bee a distraction, deliberately orchestrated by the cabal within the UNC, to remove attention from the case of the walking documents and the former AG. Why?

The answer may lie in the failed investigation into the former AG and his cronies who apparently conspired to defraud to state in prisoner litigation matters that involved private practice attorneys colluding with the Office of the AG. I note all matters relating to the ex-AG’s wanton spending and alleged corruption has been put off from the public’s attention.

After all, the death of Dana Seetahal was the first time the investigation was cancelled, and now that the attention is drawn by the rambling of an obviously psychotic MP, there is no follow-through to that investigation.