17 Mar 2015

Dangerous Dogs–Again!

Dangerous Dog Offences Definitive Guideline 9web Final

The above is the recommended guidelines (from the UK) for persons owning/in control of a dangerous dog which causes harm or fear of harm.

That’s right – fear of harm is covered. So for those Rockians who think their DDA is too harsh, please think again.

The new recommendations include:

  1. anyone whose dog kills a person will increase from two to 14 years.
  2. introduced a new offence to cover attacks on assistance dogs.
  3. also extended the law to cover offences on private property, which could include attacks on postal workers while delivering mail.
  4. increase in the legal maximum from two to five years for an owner whose dog injures a person

With dangerous dogs having killed over 14 persons and injured several dozens more, the problem on the Rock is ridiculous, ranging from dog owners protesting with idiotic arguments (“there is no such thing as a dangerous dog”), to lack of political will in passing legislation that will confront the problems of injury and death head on.

I hope this will give those thick-headed legislators some guidance.