31 Mar 2015


Sometimes, even I am stunned by the absoluteness of Jumbie’s Laws.

stupid-peopleTake this fella. 21 years old and wearing a thick gold chain costing about TT$23,000 around his neck. Now, I know 21 years years old mean de man probably was’n peeing froth yet, but to be dotish and wear a $23K gold chain while liming at 3:00 AM, is de height (or depth) ah dotishness. Not to mention his mudder and uncle warned him about wearing it to go out.

To compound de dotishness, when de first attempt at robbing him failed at de nightclub, he get more dotish and went back to de same nightclub, wearing the same gold chain! In a country where robbery and murder go hand in hand and has been rising for the past ten years annually, de man qualify hands dong for ah Darwin Award.

Den we have this story where 2 men dead like lemmings. Why? Because de dotish one driving try to overtake a long line ah cars and (probably) ah (mysterious) wall jump in front de car. I go nominate he for ah Darwin Award too, doh I eh know if he go win. It go be close doh.

De obzocky part ah all dis is dat this eh go be de las’ we hear. Some dotish person will come along and surpass dis soon. because we all know Rockians tink dey invincible.