21 Mar 2015

Jumbie’s First Law strikes Again!!

Joint Trade Union Movement leader Ancel Roget yesterday also told the Express that a national day of prayer and fast is scheduled for March 27 at the Brian Lara Promenade, Port of Spain, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. It will be done for the state of the country the high levels of corruption,  bad governance and the state of wage negotiations, he said. 

When I read the above, I almost bawl like 40 Tarzans. Almost, but not quite.

Yuh see, Trinibagonians have been praying for XYZ for long, long time. Dey pray for everything. Dey pray for rain, dey pray for sun. Dey pray West Indies tuh win in de cricket, dey pray de Govament lose election, dey pray dey party win election, dey pray for more money, dey pray to win de lotto, dey pray de chile pass SEA, dey pray de chile win scholarship, dey pray de neighbour have mo’ bad luck than dem… yuh know, prayers fuh every hill and mountain life throws at dem…

As I said before:

Allyuh praying for decades, day in, day out, night time too. Allyuh praying while getting kidnapped, robbed, beaten, chopped, raped, murdered in all kinda styles and fashion, and crime still going up... but allyuh still seeing that as the solution to crime?!

Allyuh praying before and after too. Allyuh praying at funerals, in churches, mosques, gurdwaras, in taxis, by de roadside, in canefields, ricefields, lagoon, city, streets, allyuh wearing white and lying on de road, allyuh meeting by people house to pray...

I cyah even remember the many ways allyuh praying... and so far I see no evidence even 1 prayer, whether from child, woman, man, sadhu, priest, imam, rabbi, teacher, police, minister,.... worked.


I know, Jumbie’s First Law, ent? But I eh have no Holy Aloes tuh pray to anymore. So I guess people go jess remain dotish till dey dead.

I well understand some ah allyuh so weak-minded that allyuh cyah function unless allyuh believe some higher power watching over allyuh and taking de flak for de shit allyuh does do and then beg 'forgiveness'. But trust meh on this one - no bad luck go come to yuh... GOD too busy listening to Pa-trick, Pastor Cuffie, Sat Maharaj and benny Hinn dem to take yuh seriously. If you ent believe meh, examine when last you had a prayer come true.

As far as dotishness go, prayer hard to beat…