22 Mar 2015

Open Pipeline from Office of Attorney General

The Office of Attorney General is not without controversy. I think every single Attorney General in my memory, beginning from Selwyn Richardson to John Jeremie, has had fingers pointed at them for abuse of office and ties to corruption. None however seems to be as mired in controversy as ex-Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

The ex-Attorney General has a list of "transgressions" that is becoming longer and longer with each passing day, as new revelations are exposed. Sadly, many of these are connected with opening the coffers of the State to friends within the legal system, using his office as the conduit or open pipeline to financial gain for his cronies.

One aspect of this was the granting of legal briefs to friends/cronies from the office of the Attorney General, bypassing the Office of the State Solicitor General. Yet another aspect was his involvement in the "prison gate" of fear in which his office was the respondent of multiple suits from prisoners who claimed they received injuries from officials of the state (prisons officers and police officers), and where "copying and pasting" were done in multiple cases by two friends of his, and where private files from the Supreme Court appeared at the private office of one of his friends. And now a third aspect has been revealed.

The Office of the Attorney General retained the services of a company with no legal expertise among its directors to give advice relating to mutual legal assistance by the United States of America.

The company, Tiger Capital Ltd, was paid $1,750,000 on Novembe­r 18, 2014, for advice, despite having no legal expertise.

The company’s directors are a building contractor, proprietor and financial consultant.

According to the article, Tiger Capital Ltd has a fake address, no staff, no legal expertise, has no phones and is apparently unreachable.

Given that one of the policies of the ex-Attorney General was to file civil suits (with the obvious approval of his Prime Minister) and going after those whom he considered to have misused resources of the State, I wonder if any civil suit will be filed against him for what appears to be blatant nepotism? I highly doubt it. After all, it's just normal part of the culture, living life on a small rock.