16 Mar 2015

The Case of the Walking Documents - 5

Life in Trinidad really sweet!

HarripaulIn the case of the walking documents, in yet another revelation, we find that the Judicial Support Officer (JSO) who gave files belonging to the Court of Appeal to attorney Gerald Ramdeen, has been complicit in yet another incident of dubious conduct. According to the Express, Dayadai Asha Harripaul "was removed from the team of a sitting judge after being caught photocopying sensitive court documents without approval."

Prior to this incident, Harripaul had submitted a report to court officials regarding documents being taken by her and handed to attorney Gerald Ramdeen in 2010.

Senior judicial sources who are aware of the 2012 incident, have also raised concerns as to why no disciplinary action was taken by the Judiciary, since this was the second incident where Harripaul's conduct was called into question.

It appears on all fronts, that there is a prima facie case of corruption and manipulation by the former Attorney General and his friend/dharubhai (as we say in Trini parlance) to milk the coffers of the State in multiple instances of prisoners suing the State for injuries sustained while incarcerated. Of course, I expect the investigation to turn up as empty as the udders of an aged cow. Evidence has shown that this government, like Jack Spaniards, come together and aggressively defend their own.

I await forthcoming developments…