25 Mar 2015

Thieves, Dogs, Misfits and Donkeys

There are several things upon which my attention was drawn today.

The first is the continuing scandal of exorbitant fees from the Office of the Attorney General while headed by Anand Ramlogan. Two former Attorney Generals, John Jeremie and Ramesh L. Maharaj have come out in the open requesting a probe into "the prima facie case for financial impropriety", which I pointed out on 16 March.

“As far as I can recall my allocation for legal fees was about $25 million.” [John Jeremie]

Since 2008 or thereabouts, this blog has been lamenting on the strangulation of the entire judiciary for want of funds. Given that the spending spree undertaken by the previous Attorney General Anand Ramlogan ranges from an estimated $300 million to “what could potentially be “close to a billion dollars””, the impact of this mischief is equivalent to using a sledgehammer to crush a peanut, especially in light that in 2009 the entire judiciary was allocated the sum of $49 million for the entire year!

The second situation to catch my attention was the headline "pitbull mauls tot". Just recently I had cause to return to this topic, due to the fact that attacks by dangerous dogs are far more prevalent on the Rock than in England. Given that the Dangerous Dogs Act has been partially claimed in Trinidad and Tobago, the law is now that injury caused by a dangerous dog is punishable by a fine of $100,000 and 5 years imprisonment to the owner of said dog, if the dog unreasonably injures someone. I'm waiting to see if the dunceys take any action in this matter.

Related the dunceys taking action, I wonder if their uber-efficiency applies only to roadblocks or will continue in other areas of law enforcement. Even the public information officer of the TTPS, Insp Wayne Mystar said, " How in God’s name can you hold a country to ransom because of the inefficiencies of a group of misfits who cannot negotiate on behalf of its members?"

At least this time it is not a foreigner pointing out the obvious! It’s one of their own…