6 Apr 2015

Bloggers, Racism and Politics

“Are we going to discuss date and time of the sacred event? My view is that we gather our protesters and then we compromise date and time. Give these niggers a box of vital supply and run a hose we’ll have them there all week.”

“Go learn about your (obscene language deleted) own race Stephen Mathison. Niggers like you should remain cleaning the white man latrine! You need the whips again to crack on your back! No wonder the white man does call your type stupid nigga! You want to talk about other race well come let me teach you about yours (obscene language deleted) breath.”

The above are two quotations from the article: http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/When-bloggers-attack-298732221.html 

Granted, politics is a dirty game, but this UNC government is sinking to new lows – or, maybe reaching as high as they can? They are paying bloggers $6000 per month (one in picture) to denigrate the Opposition in general and Keith Rowley in particular. These people have resorted to the nastiest language in promoting sedition and racism.

Now, I'm not above criticising where it is due, and this government has really raised my ire, and to those who blindly support the racist, nasty views of these paid bloggers, I hope that you know your government can lose the  upcoming elections.

Where would that leave you? You are left without support, possibly without jobs and friends because you are burning your bridges behind you. Do you think after the depths you have sunk to, that another government will hire you, or any company will want to be associated with you? Especially after you (journalists), in the vilest possible ways, denigrate people you formerly worked with in the industry and may one day soon have to go job hunting in that same industry. I guess you should hope for some land to plant, oui.