10 Apr 2015

Compounding Errors – Or why shame is still necessary

It’s not very often I disagree with Senior Counsel Martin Daly, but this morning I had a WTF moment when I read an article stating his point of view that Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s infamous speech in Parliament ought to be erased from the Hansard. For those who don’t know, the Hansard is an official (but edited) report of what is said in Parliament.

Daly now wants Alleyne-Toppin’s speech (in which she maligned Opposition Leader Keith Rowley) to be expunged:

“She plainly insinuated that he (Rowley) had a question to answer about him having carried out a rape. Since then the mother and child have come forward.

“Not to mention the disrespect to his deceased parents,” Daly said, referring to the other insinuation in Alleyne-Toppin’s contribution that Rowley was the product of a rape.

Commenting on Alleyne-Toppin’s apology which came in the form of a “Personal Explanation” to the House on Wednesday, Daly said: “I saw this latest performance online. The so called apology is noting of the sort. She has insulted our intelligence, as the media set out her own words for examination. I can’t believe the Prime Minister will continue to let this pass.”

No Daly, the record should stand as a constant reminder and embarrassment to the perpetrator, her colleagues, the Speaker, the Parliament and the citizens. It should serve to point how low our politicians are willing to bend over to screw the other guy, and how little they think of their personal reputations and that of their family, friends and neighbours when they decide to ride that particular bus.

Because, let’s face it, she shows no sign of embarrassment or shame, and indeed, she proudly keeps to her perverted nonsensical stance with the support of alleged intelligent  colleagues such as Roodal Moonilal. Moonie has publicly said he has 4 degrees including a law degree and yet, is a fine example of my point that ‘education cyah take’.

The citizens of the Rock need that shame in the eyes of the world to bring them back to task.