24 Apr 2015

Ramblings of an incoherent mind

In a previous post, I linked to a video in which Vernella Alleyne-Toppin (aka ‘Shoppin Toppin’) gave a rambling, incoherent speech akin to Therese Baptiste-Cornelis. After reading two articles in the newspaper today, here and here, I can only conclude that she is suffering from a mental illness

The evidence points to it... What I see are more ramblings which, on the face of it, can lead to further legal action by those mentioned in her statements. It seems this particular politician does not learn.

“It’s interesting because the PM, Minister of Local Government, Leader of Government business, AG, many, many of my colleagues said to me...you have not done anything wrong, you cannot apologise”.

Alleyne-Toppin however noted: “The first time I saw my credit card statement was on the Express. Now my lawyer is Om Lalla and he has outlined all of what could happen, and when we were just about to go to court with it, he became the candidate for somebody else. So I put that on hold because Trinidad and Tobago is such a small place...But he said you are going to make millions of dollars here...,” she said.

She said Fuad Khan kept telling her “they say you have to apologise; the country is calling for you to apologise...One weekend I was so overwhelmed, the pressure was great. I was on papers 42 days straight in the Express, my husband was sick...I don’t know about stress...I say OK, say you’re not an arrogant person, you’re a humble person, don’t let people feel you don’t want to apologise...Then my daughter came and she said, ‘Mummy for your peace of mind, she say let us write an apology. So we crafted it, so that it said basically, I apologise for the circumstances surrounding the issue of the credit card. Because I felt that my constituency...was hurt. The Alleyne family was hurt, the whole Toppin family was hurt,” she said.

Alleyne-Toppin expressed her pain over the TOP’s position on the issue. “I have been to a meeting where there was supposed to be an election, I see it mash up...and nobody has been brought before the Disciplinary Committee. Yet Stanley put out a statement to the press that he, that the TOP condemns my alleged abuse. I had never abused the card.”

I’m sure many of these people will, in the course of the  next few days, be scrambling to disassociate themselves from her and her statements. The more she speaks in public, the more she embarrasses herself and the government she is part of. I look forward to the next saga in the series.