11 Apr 2015

Shot in the Arse

A woman police constable (WPC) attached to Barataria Police Station had to be rushed to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mount Hope yesterday after she was shot while performing duties at the station.

At about 1 p.m. yesterday, the WPC, who is attached as a Special Reserve Police officer, was seated in the charge room of the station taking a report when a loud explosion was heard.

The officer felt a burning sensation to her buttocks and leg and she soon realised that she had been shot.

The injured officer was then rushed to the hospital, where she was treated by doctors on call.

Police sources said the bullet had penetrated her buttocks and lodged in her ankle.

Senior officers from the division, including Senior Superintendent Radcliffe Boxhill and Superintendent Trim, visited the station following the incident and ordered that an investigation be launched to determine the cause of the shooting.

They were then expected to visit the injured woman at hospital.

Police sources said that initial enquiries indicated that a licensed firearm at the station had been accidentally discharged.

Investigations are continuing.

The above is the entire article from the Express. The highlighted parts will explain my title. (^_~)

It does raise some questions though. For example, looking at some of the details, I observe she was seated. The bullet penetrated her backside and lodged in her ankle, meaning it had a downward trajectory. The question then arises, where did it come from? Some smartass will say “a gun” at this point, but there is a certain mystery here that needs an answer. Did the bullet come from a fellow officer’s gun? Or, did she have it tucked in her waist at the small of her back (do police have a ‘small of the back, given their rotund shapes?), and it went off, blasting a hole in her derrière?

If the first situation, then how did a fellow officer manage to fire a gun in a charge room? Carelessness? Deliberate maliciousness? If the second situation, why was the gun not holstered and the safety on?

But here’s the bothersome thing… if a person is seated in a chair, and the bullet comes at the buttocks, how does it end up in an ankle? I mean, the ankles are not in alignment with the butt, under the chair so to speak. Just picture a person sitting, or try it yourself. That bullet would have to go through the WPC’s bottom, through the chair and into the ankle. This story doesn’t make sense.

I note that the article did not present any in-depth, probing questions by the reporter to the authorities and investigators. We must be satisfied with “initial enquiries indicated that a licensed firearm at the station had been accidentally discharged”.

Still, it’s hilarious and I make no apologies for finding humour in the situation… I’m a Trini, I can laugh at almost anything.