16 May 2015

Sheer stupidity of Government MPs

life yetI am partially amused but also greatly alarmed at the sheer stupidity and ignorance of the law displayed by government MPs, many of who are supposed to be lawyers. I’m alarmed and amused because they can be quite verbose in quoting the very principles, such as the rule of law, which they breach with the utmost calm, and yet still tell you they are following the same principles they breach. Talk about pissing in your face and telling you it’s rain!

The PM, herself allegedly a lawyer and SC, along with Roodal Moonilal (LLB) and Prakash Ramadhar (who was building quite a reputation – Like Anand Ramlogan – in private practice) have now amply demonstrated (at least, to me) that they nothing of the principles and content of the law they are sworn to uphold.

Let’s just look at some examples:

To recap:

In May 2013, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley, during his motion of no confidence against the People's Partnership Government and the Prime Minister, disclosed the contents of 31 e-mails, purporting to be exchanges between Persad-Bissessar, Ramlogan, former minister of local government Surujrattan Rambachan and then-national security adviser to the Prime Minister Gary Griffith.

The e-mails alleged these high office-hol­ders were conspiring to harm a journalist; plant electronic spying devices in the Office of the DPP; offer the DPP a judgeship; and to accept payment from an unnamed woman, in exchange for the freedom of people involved in the Section 34 fiasco in September 2012.

The Prime Minister says that, following the letter of censure by the deputy DPP, even the DPP validated her claim that the emails were fake. Specifically, she noted that since the email address of anan@gmail.com was fake, therefore the contents of the email were fake as well. The sheer dotishness line of ‘reasoning’ of this amazed me.

The PM also noted that she ‘could not wait on the official channels’ for the investigations to be completed, or WTTE. This was echoed by Prakash Ramadhar, he of the jellyfish spine.

This entire situation of the Prime Minister clearing herself and her party by quoting a lawyer she is paying, is analogous to your defence attorney standing on the steps of the courthouse loudly proclaiming your innocence. Nothing wrong with that, you might say. The problem lies with that all important detail, that the case has not yet been heard in the proper forum, i.e. inside the court, before the duly authorised trier of facts. The deputy DPP is completely right in saying that the Prime Minister cannot be airing ‘the supposed results’ and not minding the legal maxim, “no man should be a judge in his own cause”.

But if the government, the legislators/executive, cannot wait on the judicial process, what do they expect the common man to do?? You see the irony here, I hope. You can’t make this shit up.

Once more, this government, contrary to the much-touted phrase ‘the rule of law’, has shown that it has NO regard for said rule of law. Worse, it appears to have no understanding of the concept of the rule of law, and it took another attorney to beat that home. But like a stubborn donkey, I dare say it hasn’t yet learnt the lesson.

Say what, there is life in this story yet.