5 May 2015

Spiders web and corruption

When I wrote the 5 part series on “The Case of the Walking Documents”, readers may have thought I was seeing a conspiracy where there was none. But I’m learning to see corruption as a big spiders’ web, where all things are connected, and one tug triggers a ripple that sets the whole thing a-shaking, though its very nature means it is resilient to the last.

Remember who the big ‘earners’ were when ex-AG Anand Ramlogan was in office? One Gerald Ramdeen, Kelvin Ramkissoon and Varun Debideen. (See link above).

Now, coincidently, these are the same three lawyers representing Anand Ramlogan in a private capacity as he takes civil action against Jack Warner.

Also representing Ramlogan are attorneys Gerald Ramdeen, Kelvin Ramkissoon and Varun Dabideen.

Spiders’ web indeed. Who said one hand can’t clap?

By the way, Commissioner of police (Ag – yeah, another one), ‘reopened’ the case of the missing documents some months ago. What news since then? Zip, zero, zilch, nil, nada, nothing…