11 Jun 2015

I can't keep up

I haven't posted anything on this blog for a while while,  for two reasons:

1) Exams (final) kept me busy,  and
2) The level of bullshit that kept rising was intolerable...  And yes,  mind-boggling.

Not only did we have the government using its majority as a blunted sword to eject the Leader of the Opposition,  we also saw more than the usual rush to pass legislation which would benefit UNC supporters and mamaguy the population.  Not that the people need much of that,  anyway.

We also had a whole new level of bullshit served up on a silver platter by none other than Jack Warner.  As I predicted on 2010 (search for Cream or Crap)  tying herself to Jack came back to bite Kamla in the arse.

Now that the chickens have come home to roost for him,  and nearly 4 decades of misdeeds are catching up with him,  he apparently wants to take down a few high profile people with him.  FIFA of course will be in his sights,  but so far his "guns" are aimed at the UNC.

What I want to know,  more that who stole what and how,  and more than section 34, is whether the alleged plot to assassinate a reporter is true... That came from Email - gate for those who forgot.  To me,  that signifies a certain nastiness of behaviour and a spit in the face for law enforcement by those involved.  And make no mistakes,  I believe that those who are allegedly involved are fully capable of doing it.

So Jack,  relieve the pressure on your chest,  and come clean.  Tell us who is involved and what role "Tanty"  Kamla has in this fiasco... Was she directly involved or was she kept in the dark while the 'cabal'  plotted?

You see,  I've always figured her to be dotish and a mere figurehead.  She hasn't the intelligence or the stones,  pun unintended,  to be decisive.  The population knows it,  if subconsciously.  Look at all the Facebook and Twitter and social media comments... Everyone comments how "pretty" she is and ascribes to her a "queenly" beauty.  I have yet to see one comment,  among thousands,  that describes her capacity for hard work or intelligent leadership.  Why? The population knows,  of course.  They know that the PM is a fine example of a dunce.

But lest you think I'm being harsh,  dear readers,  look at the evidence.  It's too plentiful to ignore and has been cited time and time again on this blog.

Still,  given that Jumbie's First Law is absolute,  I fully understand the chances of a reelection in her favour is not an impossibility. Go figure.