23 Jun 2015

Queen or Cougar?

It's an eye-opening 'revelation' dropped on the population of trinidad and Tobago by Jack Warner, that the PM may be a 'cougar' instead of a 'Queen'.

Video here.

What was revealed was that on the night in question, the driver of ex-minister Glenn Ramadharsingh went to 'collect' Krystian Gokool so as to bypass the PM's security detail for a private visit with the PM. The video further reveals that 'she' (whomever the person was referring to) was 'high' [ganja or alcohol?).

Some questions have come to my mind...
  1.  What was the nature of the visit that allows the younger man to spend the night at the official  home of the Prime Minister at 2:30 am?
  2.  Was it sexual in nature? If so,
  3.  And it was the PM being referred to, was she being 'pimped' out by Ramadhasingh? Or,
  4.  Did/Does Gokool have a mother (grandmother?) fetish? Or,
  5.  Does the PM have a cougar fetish?
 Now, the situation may be entirely innocent. Gokool already said his kid is ill... maybe he went to the PM, as a neighbour and elder adviser, to seek some therapeutic advice, to alleviate some of his worries. Why wait till she was 'high' though?

You see how this situation raising more questions than answers? I guess now we all have to wait and see what answers, or 'spin' is fed to the public.

One thing, Jack was sure right when he said he had files on everybody. I look forward to more releases from him.