10 Jul 2015

Bullshit walks

Is there a word, or phrase, to describe doing the wrong thing, and then attempting to put it right so that one can score political points with the public? If there is, that is what I would use to describe Kamla Persad-Bissessar, the incumbent Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

Corruption has always been a major issue for many countries, and those released from the British Empire have been notorious for being more corrupt and mismanaged than most, like children forced out of the nest too early.

Kamla has been trying to score political points by appearing to rout corruption… what most people miss is that her government and party members are the ones causing the corruption, and she is silent while it was going on. Only after the exposure comes, then she appears to be the ‘strong’ leader, ready like a weed-whacker to trim the offending weed.

The public remains politically naive. I suggest this article for enlightened reading.

As the ‘First Citizen’ of Trinidad and Tobago, President Carmona is a dinosaur… not on a personal level. His office is a remnant of an office representing the Queen (or King) of England, much like the coccyx is the remnant of a tail. As a full Republic, Trinidad and Tobago has no need for this representation.

As a President, Carmona usually presents ‘rumshop logic’ to support his position. Like praying for Dana Seetahal’s murder to be solved.

Carmona, echoing a statement made earlier by Seetahal’s nephew, Devanand Persad, said justice will be served and is “inevitable”.

Well, aside from the fact that praying is a bullshit balm to sooth the ignorant and dotish, I can’t recall any instance where solving a murder is ‘inevitable’ without some fawking investigative work being done. So, rumshop logic aside, I know that, like Akeil Chambers, Dana will be soon forgotten. I have to say though, I was quite pissed off that a supposedly educated person like Carmona could be that stupid. Then I remember… he is the foremost Rock Crawler. Go figure.