13 Jul 2015

Jumbie’s Laws

Jumbie’s Five Laws (see http://www.jumbieswatch.com/p/jumbies-laws.html) are founded on my observations of human nature, especially as found on the Rock known as Trinidad and Tobago. This blog is rife with examples, but here is one in today’s Daily Express:

Top cop joins IRO peace walk

Acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, joined members of the Inter-religious Organisation to ‘march’ for peace. He revealed before the ‘march’ that “people of Enterprise were crying out for help”…

Of course, the people are well within their rights to ‘march’ or ‘pray’ for anything they want, as is the CoP to join them. However, as I have written before:

Allyuh praying for decades, day in, day out, night time too. Allyuh praying while getting kidnapped, robbed, beaten, chopped, raped, murdered in all kinda styles and fashion, and crime still going up... but allyuh still seeing that as the solution to crime?!

Allyuh praying before and after too. Allyuh praying at funerals, in churches, mosques, gurdwaras, in taxis, by de roadside, in canefields, ricefields, lagoon, city, streets, allyuh wearing white and lying on de road, allyuh meeting by people house to pray,...

I cyah even remember the many ways allyuh praying... and so far I see no evidence even 1 prayer, whether from child, woman, man, sadhu, priest, imam, rabbi, teacher, police, minister,.... worked.


Of course, you can substitute or interchange ‘prayer’ and ‘march’ and you get the same result.

The CoP would have shown me he was serious about peace, and reduction of crime, had he used that time to formulate a working plan to achieve the same. ‘Marching’ and ‘supporting’ the people is a wasted effort if the police, headed by the same CoP, don’t put policing action at the forefront of their activities instead of useless marching and praying.

But then again, Stephen Williams has proven to be more incompetent than even James Philbert, and that is saying something!