17 Jul 2015

Stupidity at its finest

In the Newsday of today, July 17, I came across this letter to the editor:

THE EDITOR: No sober-minded observer can disagree with the point of view that our beautiful country is in a deep national crisis, one which requires a divine intervention, and therefore prayer becomes the most effective weapon we can use to combat the forces of evil which threaten to render us a failed state.

Prayer is a freedom guaranteed to us by our Constitution and a God-given right to all humanity. The opportunity to pray is a privilege, honour and sacred duty. History has proven that forces will wage war against our freedom. Murders, kidnappings and bombings have all shed blood on TT soil. Violent crime has invaded our homes and schools. Drugs and alcohol abuse rage against the innocence of our youths. Forces of darkness threaten our morality, integrity and faith. Prayer for our nation is our primary defence.

Now is the time to be resolute in our defence against the forces of destruction – to unite as a nation and not succumb to fear. All the sons and daughters of Mother TT must stand strong and remain bold in faith, courage and prayer.

Citizens of TT, our local and national leaders need your prayers. The armed forces, the protective services, fire-fighters and all law enforcement personnel need your prayers. Therefore make a commitment to pray daily for your nation; that God would direct the leaders of this nation in times of crisis. That He would grant them wisdom and understanding and help them to respond quickly and effectively to each situation and for divinely directed decisions to be on their lips, that they may do that which is right in His sight.

Fellow citizens, pray for them to follow His will to direct our nation in the paths of peace and safety, that all of our response agencies will be united in an organised and harmonious fashion to bring quick and effective resolve to the demands of any crisis. Pray for our empowerment as TT citizens to do our part financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually to support all who have been affected by tragedy.

Pray that God will encourage us as a people, and strengthen us as a nation, that he will surround us with His love and mercy and for Him to bring peace and comfort to all those who are suffering as a result of this crisis.

Rishi Lakhan

I have to ask just ONE question…. “Where is the evidence?”

And I don’t mean bullshit that can be explained by coincidences.