25 Aug 2015

Damned Rowley

In response to this post.

" I think when the authorities say they have questions for you to answer, then you answer them."

"On principle though, I can’t support anyone telling investigators that they will respond to them when they are good and ready."

I note these two, and several others, in the same vein. I have to point out, that most of your blogs are really on the ball, but this one is misleading. You might have missed the part where Rowley said he passed the IC's letter to his lawyers for response. That in no way means he doesn't want to, or refuse to respond to the IC's request. It means he chose to answer through his lawyers, which is his right in both law and natural justice.

I'm neither for the UNC or the PNM... I was extremely critical of Manning, same as I am extremely critical of Kamla. I am on the side of justice, anti-corruption and good governance. But I have to say that after being cleared twice by the same IC (different members do not a different IC make), and once by the court (a proper forum), then make no mistake, this IC is definitely up to mischief.

Zainool Hosein lost my respect when he refused to be anything less than vice-chairman in the first instance. That matter was not so much, in my opinion, about the promise of the vice-chairmanship, but more about a man who saw a position as being more important than a sense of duty. For me, I saw a man whose personal integrity was already compromised, and time has borne that out well.

Getting back to Rowley though, it's up to the IC to reveal any new information that came to their attention. If there is none, or they refuse to divulge same, I think Rowley will be well within his rights to refuse to answer them. It's not about setting a 'precedent' as you put it. The precedent set was that he was already cleared, numerous times. He is now well within his rights to bring action against the IC for malicious persecution. However, note that he has not done this. He has opted to obey the IC by letting his lawyers take action. He is not bound by any law to accept the IC or any other attempt to frustrate him on a settled issue.

Seems as if Rowley is damned if he does, or damned if he doesn’t.