22 Aug 2015

Questions I ask myself

With the general election in Trinidad and Tobago being only about three weeks away, the "silly season" of stupid statements has begun, and is getting worse. These cause me to ask myself some questions primarily: "Do politicians really think about what they are saying?"

I have repeatedly heard the Prime Minister asked the question (concerning the contents of the PNM manifesto), "Where are they going to get the money to all of this?" (or WTTE). Which leads me to ask the same – where is she going to find the money to give away all of the goodies she has promised in her ‘next’ term? That leads to several other questions:

  • Is she subtly trying to say that the Treasury is dry?
  • Does she intend to train the Treasury before she leaves? She certainly made a good start!

She repeatedly says that the PNM has no plan. I find this a very curious statement, given that she keeps repeating she will do X, Y and Z but has no details of how she will accomplish these. Exactly the same as the PNM. Additionally, I find it passing strange that she is now on a wild spending spree prior to the election, and there is no definite plan for economic restructuring. The price of oil is down, Trinidad and Tobago is hardly diversified from a petroleum-based economy and already there is an extreme shortage of foreign exchange. I have not heard the Prime Minister, or the Finance Minister, put forward any plans for economic stabilisation given that a recession is now trickling down to the country. What gives, PM?

What pisses me off mightily is the fact that none of them (the political parties) will touch the issue of LGBT rights. We all know it is not to anger the religious idiots of society who are extremely paranoid and ignorant, but who carry powerful weight and numbers when voting comes around.

However, as a lawyer (and obviously fake SC) the Prime Minister should know that these issues are not actually for debate. The law has already shown that this sector of society is entitled to the same rights as any other. So making changes to the law is not a matter of opinion, discussion, or any other tomfoolery. It is compulsory, as per case law all over the world. In other words, whoever wins the elections has no choice; whether they like it or not, LGBT equal rights must be granted.