10 Aug 2015

Rottweilers and their Gumbs

Since the revelation by Anika Gumbs that she got traumatised by seeing Dr Keith 'Rottweiler' Rowley bareback,  several questions came to my mind.

How traumatised is she when she goes to the beach?

How traumatised is she at carnival?

Does her sexual partner remain fully dressed? Is she traumatised after 'the deed'?

How did her trauma compromise her status as a reporter at the Express?

Why did it take three months before the compromise and trauma trigger the resignation?

What was she doing in that three months?
What link,  if any,  does the trauma have to do with the discovery that she has contracts with the State,  from the Government,  which is currently waging a distasteful campaign of personal crucifixion against Rowley?

These aren't all the questions... There are some I think the Express has to answer too. 

What is the nature of the compromise that led Gumbs to resign?

Why was the individual not identified and the Express not insist on knowing who traumatised its reporter?

Why accept a resignation three months after the incident?

Nothing in this incident leads me to think that Ms Gumbs is making sense. There's something rotten in Denmark,  as the saying goes.

Perhaps the true story will be revealed after the election.