8 Sept 2015

Elections 2015: Change was inevitable.

Kamla, ex-PM of Trinidad and Tobago, must have a head spinning by now. Not from spirits backlash, because last she she appeared wide awake to the sober truth - the country was fed up of her and her 'cabal'. Truth is a bitter pill and Kamla's sour face bore it out well when she gave a 'concession' speech that was no concession speech. Body language is indeed a great revealer, as it expresses above 90% of what we say... as opposed to 7% that we voice.

I guess the nastiness of the 'No Rowley' campaign was the straw that broke the UNC's back. My padner used to say 'using sledgehammer to kill a fly'. 

I watched some of the interviews on TV6 live steam on Morning Edition today with Fazeer Mohammed... hope I got his name right. He was very professional, interrupting those who wanted to get personal or aggressive, but in such a smooth manner that no one had time to be offensive. 

I have friends and family members who are staunch UNC supporters, but when they asked me and I responded I was hoping Rowley wins, they couldn't understand it. But I explain it this way: The UNC had 5 years in government to learn to tief (Trini word for stealing) and bring it to a fine art. The PNM will have new people who will have to learn to be corrupt. So, while corruption will not stop, at least it will slow down.

And Kamla who was on a spending mania would have run the economy to hell. Austerity is needed, and some hard shots will have to be called.

I expect to see changes to the police service. The 'acting' Commissioner ought to go, being a failure in many ways. So too is the Integrity Commission. Perhaps finally, in line with the modern world, the Judiciary will be paid from a Consolidated Fund and be free of the government's annual stranglehold. I hope to see an AG who will advise the government but still uphold the Constitution's finer aims and purposes, and support the Rule of Law and not a law of rules.

More enforcement of laws, amendments or new Acts to replace the archaic British laws we inherited at Independence... a stricter disciplinary system for agents of the State who shirk their duties. 

But maybe I am too optimistic too soon.... tides change with the moon phases and the incoming goverment may well be as immutable to change as the sea itself.