22 Sept 2015

The description fits

When I described Fuad Khan as a hairy cacahole,  I probably had no idea of the real depth of stupidity nestling within his bosom and brain. However,  the description is eerily accurate.

Khan,  whose party was in power for 5 full years and some months,  failed to note that his party failed on the crime front.  In fact,  despite changing approximately 5 ministers in the national security ministry,  his party was an abysmal failure in every aspect of crime reduction.

Now,  here he comes to chastise the less-than-a-month-old PNM government for failure to reduce crime. 

Sadly,  Khan probably lacks the intelligence to know that what his party couldn't do in 5 years,  can't be done in 5 weeks by anyone else. Hairy cacahole indeed.