19 Sept 2015

The election that might be never was

So the UNC has succeeded in challenging the election results for the last general election held in Trinidad on September 7. 

It seems that the decision of the Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) to extend the voting time by one hour due to inclement weather might be a non-statury and /or non-Constitutional scenario... Simply put,  the UNC challenge is that the EBC acted on powers it thought it had.  Possibly a Carmona backlash,  but only he can confirm,  since no one still knows what he was talking about.

The issue I have with the challenge is not whether the EBC pulled a Carmona... That always bears investigation. For me the issue is why the UNC is challenging only a few constituencies,  and not the country as a whole. I don't think that the extended time applied only to the particular constituencies under challenge.  Neither do I think it will make a difference in the number of votes,  as the UNC lost by large margins. 16,000 votes less than the PNM. Not to mention the little fact that no one can say how many persons voted after 6 pm! In any constituency...

The legal issue of the power of the EBC needs to be sorted,  but if found that it acted ultra vires (outside the law) then by-election according to that attorney Sturge will not be the answer.  The proper move is a full general election to be called again... And given the unpopularity of the UNC and Kamla's sour grapes concession speech and missteps after,  the UNC may well find itself losing even more votes than the first time.  Kamla Persad-Bissessar hasn't learn from losing 5 elections in the past 5 years,  she appears to want 6 on record.

In any reality,  that's called dotishness.  Sometimes it's best to lick your wounds and hope that they heal.